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Marrying the Wrong Guy: Writer Joanna Rakoff on Her Big Do-Over

What happens if we immediately regret the single most important decision many of us will make in our lives? The day after writer Joanna Rakoff got married, she knew she had made a big mistake. But as a self-professed “good girl” and quasi-perfectionist, she stayed in the marriage for fifteen years. Her big wake up call came when at a conference, she spotted the man she had dated in college, not just any man, but the love of her life. Joanna shares how she overcame her fear of being judged by the world, and the relief that came when she finally let go and leapt into a new life.

In this episode, the contract we’re rewriting is one of expectations around romance, marriage, and motherhood. We’re challenging the imaginary court of public opinion that we as women have been taught to fear so much. We discuss:

Why a supposedly life-ending mistake can be a blessing in disguiseHow to challenge the notion that making a big change will lead to ridiculeSome of the reasons we make not-so-stellar choicesThe warning signs to notice in your body that reveal your true feelingsWhy you should stop wasting so much time caring and start changing your life today

OUR GUEST: Joanna Rakoff is the author of the international bestselling memoir My Salinger Year and the bestselling novel A Fortunate Age, winner of the Goldberg Prize for Fiction and the Elle Readers’ Prize. Rakoff’s books have been translated into twenty languages, and the film adaptation of My Salinger Year, starring Sigourney Weaver and Margaret Qualley, opened in theaters worldwide in 2021 and is now available on Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and everywhere you stream movies.

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