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Welcome to Hotter Than Ever with Erin Keating!

Erin: [00:00:00] When was the last time you took an honest look at your life choices? I was deep in the throes of the unhappiest time of my life that looked like the happiest time of my life from the outside. What I was focused on was getting sh*t done. My marriage was not happy and it did not contain sex. I just needed to stop lying to myself.

I'm Erin Keating. I've had a successful career as a television executive, won all the awards and then, yeah, I almost died of Covid and I turned 50, like all in the same week. And I started to ask myself some hard questions about what I really want right now. And guess what? Those things are not the same things I wanted 20 years ago. I left my 16 year marriage. I was laid off from my fancy corporate job. I dated a bunch of men. I had a lot of sex. I discovered edibles. I went on a women's retreat in Italy. You can make all the Eat Pray Love jokes you want, but I started to feel like myself again. [00:01:00] Only I felt better than when I was in my twenties.

I was 51 and I finally had all the confidence and wisdom and self-love I needed to actually enjoy my f*cking life. I started this podcast because I want you to give yourself permission to change your mind about how you're living your life. You can rewrite the rules you've been following. You can blow sh*t up, refresh, do things differently. Think differently.

I want you to chase down the things that you know are gonna make you the happiest. Here's what I want you to do. Follow Hotter Than Ever right now, let's figure it all out together. Let's figure out how to be joyful and connected and have. Fun and feel sexy and satisfied, and stop telling ourselves all these rules about how we're supposed to be, because none of it is true and all of it is made up.

And you get to say. I'll interview interesting people about their lives and experiences, and we'll all learn something. There will be takeaways - that I can guarantee. Hotter Than Ever is coming this [00:02:00] April. You are so f*cking hot. Join me and we can be hot together. Joyful is such an annoying word. And stop.

I have to stop this.


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